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International Satellite Design Project
Last updated: 11 September 2020

As part of the Creativity Engineering Project* course, we run the International Satellite Design Project (ISDP). The ISDP gives an opportunity for students from all departments to participate in an English-language engineering team project. Through the ISDP, you can gain experience in space mission design, systems engineering and international communication & teamwork. You can also compete in the Satellite Design Contest (http://www.satcon.jp/). For more information, contact isdp.seut [at mark] gmail.com

*Course code:
 Undergraduate (S Semester):
  Creativity Engineering Project for Undergraduate I・III,
        Course Code: FEN-CO4901P2・FEN-CO4903P2
 Undergraduate (A Semester):
  Creativity Engineering Project for Undergraduate II,
        Course Code: FEN-CO4903P2

 Graduate (S Semester):
  Creativity Engineering Project I (Course Code: 3799-024)
 Graduate (A Semester):
  Creativity Engineering Project II (Course Code: 3799-023)


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