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As you can see, this blog has not been updated for quite a while. This is because our online activity has moved to the facebook page.

You can find us here:
And of course we hope to see you in person at the IFL!

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Winter semester IFL starting Tuesday 6 October!

We are happy to announce the schedule for the International Friday Lounge (also on Tuesday again!) for the upcoming winter semester. Did you already see our posters on campus? To make sure you don’t forget, and to remind your lab mates as well, we suggest you download it here, print it, and put it on the wall in your lab 🙂

Bring your lunch, and bring your friends (or just come alone and make new friends), and let’s enjoy talking and learning from each other!

See you!
Tuesdays from 6 October – 26 January at the 3rd floor of the Students Support Center (next to Gotenshita gym)
Fridays from 9 October – 29 January at the 2nd floor of Eng.Bldg. 11 (above Starbucks)

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Next MONDAY: Special IFL welcoming UTwente students

VisibleOutsideCampus_Special_IFL _Twente_v2


On Monday 27 July we will have a special IFL welcoming students from the University of Twente in The Netherlands who are in Japan for a study tour. They visit the Hongo campus in the morning and Komaba campus in the afternoon.

Let’s have lunch together between 12:00-13:00, at the 2nd floor of Engineering Building 11 (Above Starbucks). See you there!

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Amgen Scholars visit the IFL

The rainy season has set in and today is the typical day of rain. Despite the heavy rain, approximately 60 students and staff enjoyed lunch and conversation. 20 students of the “Amgen Scholars in Japan” Program joined and enjoyed meeting UTokyo Japanese and international students.
The Amgen Scholars Program is an international educational program that provides hundreds of selected undergraduates with the opportunity to engage in a hands-on research experience at many of the world’s premier educational institutions. It is the first time for the UTokyo to host the Amgen Scholars.
20150619_Amgen2_s VisibleOutsideCampus_20150619_Amgen1_s
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30 Visitors from the USA

Today we had about 30 visitors from the USA, in two groups. One group of students from MIT, who mostly have been involved in the MSkype program with UTokyo students and came here for a Summer School Program, and another group from Highs Schools and universities in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, etc. who were visiting Tokyo for a cultural exchange program.

The weather was just right, not too hot, and not too cold, so everyone could enjoy a relaxing chat.

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25 Visitors from Tilburg University in The Netherlands

Today we had 25 visitors from Tilburg University in The Netherlands joining us at the International Friday Lounge.

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Friday 1st of May

On Friday the 1st of May we had our 4th International Friday Lounge on Friday. We are really happy that, despite the upcoming holidays, so many people showed up. In total we were around 60 people! On my table I had some lovely Japanese people. We talked mainly about other countries and the upcoming golden week holidays. For me it was the perfect opportunity to get to know inside tips on what to do during golden week, and what people usually do. Hope to see you all again next Friday!

About me

My name is Christina and I am an exchange student from Germany. My major is civil engineering. The University I’m studying in in Germany is the Technical University of Munich. Munich is famous for its Oktoberfest. Which I would recommend to everybody who will have the chance to come to the city! My hobbies are singing and doing some kind of sport. I also like traveling very much. I love to have the opportunity to see different countries and their culture. I hope to see a lot of Japan and its friendly people.

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20 visitors from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia


Today we had 20 students from the “Universiti Teknologi Malaysia” (UTM) visiting. They are visiting Japan for 8 days and stay mainly around Tokyo. Apart from the various appointments they had for visiting laboratories at the UTokyo, they also had time to enjoy lunch together with us at the IFL. They introduced their university and institute, and chatted lively with our UTokyo students. Any plans to study abroad in Malaysia?

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First FRIDAY lounge of the semester

VisibleOutsideCampus_DSCF2493eVisibleOutsideCampus_DSCF2456eOn April, the 10th, we had our first Friday IFL of the semester and there were 75 participants!!! It was the start of the semester so there were many new faces. We introduced ourselves about where we are from, what kind of research we are doing, and what our interests are. Many of us are new in Japan so Japanese students and international students who already stayed here for a while gave advices about life in Japan. It was a great time meeting and talking to people. Can’t wait till next time!!

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Lunch with IFL Language Assistants

At the start of each semester we hire a number of new Language Assistants for the IFL. These international students make sure that at each table everyone will have an opportunity to speak English, even those who are less fluent or a little shy. They are there to create a relaxed atmosphere, but of course you can also ask them some serious questions about their home country or university, or some other advise if you consider studying abroad. The Language Assistants also help to set up and clean up, organize special events, and write short reports on this blog.


This semester we have students from the following countries:

Austria, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Guatemala, India, Indonesia, Iran, Kosovo, Libya, Morocco, Nepal, Philippines, South Korea, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, and Vietnam

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