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Last updated: 30 September 2019

Programs/Courses We Offer:

(Adv.) Academic
Let’s Open
the Door
to the World
of Engineering
in English
Course on academic writing, discussion, and presenting in English to enhance your technical communication skills.A course that deals with issues of global development of engineers in English (offered for B1/B2 students at Komaba Campus)

Special English LessonsEnglish wRIiting Consultant (ERIC)International
Series of English conversation and TOEFL-preparation courses offered by renowned language schools for a reduced fee. Organized by Center for Global Education for all students of The University of Tokyo.Trained international students of ToDai give writing tips and feedback on your scientific English publications.Gathering of Japanese and international students where actual topics are discussed over lunch.

Not to be offered
for a while
Course offering in 2019
is cancelled
"Self Navigation Web Based Literacy Learning System". Innovative e-learning system to teach university students technical English vocabulary.Language exchange through videoconferencing tools about culture, education, and campus-life between UT students learning English and MIT students learning Japanese overseas.

Center for Global Education Office:

Location: From the main entrance of Engineering Building 8, take the stairs to the 2nd floor. Turn right into the main corridor, and right again into a narrow corridor. Near the end, take the stairs on your right, and at the top enter the door on the left (room 324). You can find the map here (PDF).

Hongo Campus Map
(Engineering Bldg. 8)
Engineering Bldg. 8, room 324
(via 2nd floor)


-Aiming to be a base for research  
 and education open to the world-

1.Fundamental philosophies of the School of Engineering for globalization, and the role of Center for Global Education

・To recruit talented people from inside and outside of the nation and educate them to produce individuals capable of conducting global activities, through high quality education, and to provide human resources who contribute to improvement in human life across national borders
・To contribute further more to the creation and utilization of engineering knowledge by promoting international collaboration and academic-industrial alliance
・To make effort consistently to improve our ability of contribution to international society, seeking for high morality as a public institution

The GWP is an organized project aiming to eliminate all kinds of barriers in the international research activitiesthe of the School of Engineering

2.History of Center for Global Education

 - June 2002 : The Global Ware Project (GWP) Committee was established
 - November 2002 : The office of Global Ware Project was established
 - April 2004 : The 2nd GWP Committee was established
 - April 2005 : The Office of GWP was reorganized as part of Center
for Innovation in Engineering Education established
 - September 2018 : The Office of GWP was reorganized as Center for Global Education

3.GWP Action Plan
  1.To Establish Networks for International Graduates
  2.To Expand the Number of Graduate School Lectures in English
  3.To Reinforce English Education for Undergraduate Students
  4.To Improve Services for Visiting Researcher
  5.To Support SE-UT International Symposium Series
  6.To Establish Researchers' Base Abroad
  7.To Translate Notices
Professor  Shuichi Rokugawa
Associate Professor  Asako Uchibori
Lecturer  Yuka Akiyama
Project Assistant Professor  Matthew Richardson
Staff Yoko Nemoto, Mirai Inoue, Hitomi Sugiura

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